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Testimonials - Customer Opinions

To further improve the quality of our penetration tests and to be able to provide our clients with the best possible penetration tests, RedTeam Pentesting performs quality assurance measures. One part of these measures is to ask our customers about their experiences with our service. This includes the possibility to compose a short testimonial.

A random selection of these testimonials can be found below. All opinions are displayed in their original version and were only translated where necessary. They do not necessarily reflect RedTeam Pentesting's opinions. The testimonials displayed are rotated on a regular basis, to provide a comprehensive picture.


RedTeam Pentesting does an unbelievably sophisticated job in analyzing your system. Even if your software already has a high security standard, you will nonetheless be amazed and thankful for issues RedTeam Pentesting will find. Your systems will not only be more secure after they have been tested by RedTeam Pentesting, you and your developers will also be a lot wiser and will be able to design and implement systems that have a higher security level than before.
Head of Development, Software Development
We have always found RedTeam Pentesting to be at the top of their game. Their knowledge and professionalism is second to none and our sites would be far more vulnerable without their support.
eBusiness Manager, Consumer Electronics
If you are looking for specialists in penetration testing, you will find them with RedTeam Pentesting.
IT Project Manager, Banking
RedTeam Pentesting was a recommendation. We were very impressed by their work and would therefore recommend them ourselves.
Head of IT, Online Retail
RedTeam Pentesting illustrated the whole process very clearly, from the planning to the final presentation. A contact person was always available for questions that arose. The report is very well structured and elaborately written, so that technicians without specific knowledge in the security domain can eliminate the discovered vulnerabilities.
Information Security Officer, Digital Media
If you are searching for an all-around professional penetration test, RedTeam Pentesting is the right company for you. From the constructive preliminary meeting over the regular status updates during the analysis to the extensive final presentation, we experienced a structured, top-quality and professional service. A major benefit is the knowledge transfer through the extensive demonstration and documentation of the vulnerabilities.
Information Security Professional, IT Service Provider