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Testimonials - Customer Opinions

To further improve the quality of our penetration tests and to be able to provide our clients with the best possible penetration tests, RedTeam Pentesting performs quality assurance measures. One part of these measures is to ask our customers about their experiences with our service. This includes the possibility to compose a short testimonial.

A random selection of these testimonials can be found below. All opinions are displayed in their original version and were only translated where necessary. They do not necessarily reflect RedTeam Pentesting's opinions. The testimonials displayed are rotated on a regular basis, to provide a comprehensive picture.


Professional penetration test with very good preliminary discussion and an impressive presentation of the vulnerabilities and results.
Head of Commerce, Head of IT, Systemadmin, Food Industry
RedTeam Pentesting gave us an extremely professional service, and each year they find new issues to check for and new ways to exploit Software weaknesses. We have the impression they are helping us to stay ahead of the curve in the fight to avoid hackers successfully compromising any of our sites. We particularly like the fact that they are very easy to work with, without sacrificing any professionalism or competence. Their demonstration sessions in report meetings of weaknesses can be devastating - but this is exactly the effect needed to show developers and non-technical people about the dangers of bad code on the Internet.
Manager E-Business & CRM, Computer Industry
Overall, we were very impressed with the high level of professionality and competence of RedTeam Pentesting. They demonstrated deep knowledge with respect to many different systems ranging from Windows to Unix-based systems, to low-level administration tools that are hardly known, to development problems in languages such as PHP which may lead to new exploits. The knowledge that we aquired during the penetration test with them helped us to improve our system administration and increase the security of our systems.
CSO, Telecommunications
RedTeam Pentesting left a professional impression from start to finish. The results from the pentest were definitely relevant and were presented in such a transparent and understandable way, that the follow-up actions could be approved and implemented very quickly.
CIO, Media
RedTeam Pentesting was a recommendation. We were very impressed by their work and would therefore recommend them ourselves.
Head of IT, Online Retail
Absolutely professional work, from the very first contact and the quotation, to the preparation and execution of the pentest. Very good collaboration and coordination about the parts of IT and systems to be tested. Very helpful to be able to assess the security level and threat potential of one's own IT.
Head of IT and Communications, Air Transportation (Airport)