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Testimonials - Customer Opinions

To further improve the quality of our penetration tests and to be able to provide our clients with the best possible penetration tests, RedTeam Pentesting performs quality assurance measures. One part of these measures is to ask our customers about their experiences with our service. This includes the possibility to compose a short testimonial.

A random selection of these testimonials can be found below. All opinions are displayed in their original version and were only translated where necessary. They do not necessarily reflect RedTeam Pentesting's opinions. The testimonials displayed are rotated on a regular basis, to provide a comprehensive picture.


RedTeam Pentesting does a great job to discover vulnerabilities and deliver reports with clear explanations and recommended remediation actions.
Senior Cyber Security Analyst, Manufacturing
The penetration test was conducted by a highly motivated team. We can fully recommend your team and your professionalism and are happy to work with you in the future.
IT Project Manager, Energy
As a provider of cloud applications, security is an important topic for us. With their expertise, RedTeam Pentesting actively supported us in implementing high security standards.
CEO, Cloud Services
RedTeam Pentesting conducted the penetration test in a very professional and competent manner. Our expectations for this test were fully satisfied. The presentation of the results was objective and to the point and demonstrated and explained the discovered vulnerabilities in clear terms.
Head of IT, Food Industry
We particularly liked RedTeam Pentesting's ability to create its own tools and the meticulous manual testing, rather than using a commercial GUI tool.
Security Engineer, Healthcare Industry
A big 'thank you' to RedTeam Pentesting for the professional advice (on short notice) and the subsequent pentest of one of our most important new applications. We can now go live in good conscience.
Information Security Officer, Online Portal