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RedTeam Pentesting's History

2004: Start as a Research Group at RWTH Aachen University

In December 2004, RedTeam Pentesting started as a research group at the Laboratory for Dependable Distributed Systems at the Department of Computer Science of RWTH Aachen University in Germany, as a part of the B-IT program of excellence. RedTeam Pentesting was already able to attract the attention of businesses while being a research group, due to its innovative approach and publication of current research topics. This did not only get noticed in technical circles, but also drew the attention of the media. Thus, RedTeam Pentesting established itself very early as a brand in the IT-security market. Working at the university shaped RedTeam Pentesting's scientific methodology and approach to penetration testing, which still distinguishes RedTeam Pentesting's work from other pentest providers.

2005: Continuation as an Independent Division of Nomis Development GmbH

Due to the team's rapidly emerging success and the great demand for RedTeam Pentesting's service, it quickly became evident that a proper form of organisation was needed for the research group that was already acting like a small company, to provide business customers with the appropriate legal security. To achieve this goal, RedTeam Pentesting became an independent division of the Nomis Development GmbH in October 2005, which allowed the team's further development towards an independent company.

2006: Founding of RedTeam Pentesting GmbH

In parallel to working as an independent division of Nomis Development GmbH, the team decided to found its own company. As a result, at the end of 2006, RedTeam Pentesting GmbH was born. Founding in parallel allowed the seamless transition to an independent company and granted the ability to continue working on business projects during the founding time. This benefited the company's further growth, as there was a constantly increasing interest in RedTeam Pentesting's services.

Since 2006: Establishment as a Specialist for Penetration Tests

During the following years, RedTeam Pentesting established itself as a highly demanded provider of penetration tests, on a national as well as on an international level. One of RedTeam Pentesting's principles has always been absolute discretion about its customers. RedTeam Pentesting's continuing success is therefore to a great part owed to its satisfied customers that work with RedTeam Pentesting on a long-term basis and recommend its services to others. With publications about various IT-security related topics, presentations on conferences and contributions in print media, radio and television, the company demonstrates its ongoing research activities, which was a part of the company philosophy from the very beginning. Since its inception as a research group, RedTeam Pentesting's prime goal was to continually improve penetration testing using creativity and technical expertise, to continue to deliver relevant and insightful results to its customers.