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We are RedTeam Pentesting

RedTeam Pentesting focuses on intensive collaboration between the penetration testers. This allows RedTeam Pentesting to carry out penetration tests using creative approaches. In agile teams, the penetration testers complement each others' abilities and knowledge. Together, innovative and individual methodologies are developed and implemented. In addition to the direct communication in these teams, ideas and know-how are regularly exchanged between all penetration testers.

Pentester Patrick Hof
Patrick Hof
Pentester Jens Liebchen
Jens Liebchen
Pentester Timo Boettcher
Timo Boettcher
Pentester Yvonne Breuer
Yvonne Breuer
Pentester Erik Geiser
Erik Geiser
Pentester Roman Karwacik
Roman Karwacik
Pentester Alexander Neumann
Alexander Neumann
Pentester Lucas Vater
Lucas Vater

Without Photo: Frederic Gorski, Severin Schüller, Vincent Drury

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Maximillian Dornseif
Prof. Dr. Felix Freiling


All of RedTeam Pentesting's employees have several years of experience and in-depth knowledge in different fields of IT-security. Because RedTeam Pentesting does not offer any services besides penetration tests, this knowledge is constantly expanded in the day to day work as penetration testers. In teams, the pentesters complement each other optimally with their individual expertise and skills. Regular rotation of the test teams' members guarantees a constantly high test quality. RedTeam Pentesting's staff members also regularly release publications about current topics in IT security and talk at security conferences.