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About us

RedTeam Pentesting specialises exclusively in conducting penetration tests and has established itself as a leading global company in this field. We plan and execute penetration tests tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Our portfolio ranges from networks to all types of conceivable products for which a penetration test is appropriate.

CEO, Penetration Tester Patrick Hof
Patrick Hof(CEO),
CEO, Penetration Tester Jens Liebchen
Jens Liebchen(CEO),
Penetration Tester Timo Boettcher
Timo Boettcher, Dipl.-Inform.
Penetration Tester Yvonne Breuer
Yvonne Breuer, M.Sc.
Penetration Tester Vincent Drury
Vincent Drury, Dr. rer. nat.
Penetration Tester Tobias Ferring
Tobias Ferring
Penetration Tester Erik Geiser
Erik Geiser, M.Sc. RWTH
Penetration Tester Frederic Gorski
Frederic Gorski, M.Sc. RWTH
Penetration Tester Roman Karwacik
Roman Karwacik, M.Sc. RWTH
Penetration Tester Alexander Neumann
Alexander Neumann, Dipl.-Inform.
Penetration Tester Severin Schüller
Severin Schüller, M.Sc.
Penetration Tester Lucas Vater
Lucas Vater, B.Sc.

Business Philosophy

RedTeam Pentesting acts as a reliable partner to its clients in enhancing IT security. Absolute confidentiality regarding the conducted penetration tests is a given. Unlike many other companies, we are offering penetration tests only. In particular, this means that the execution of the test is not aimed at selling any additional services. Instead, our penetration tests provide the most objective picture of IT security possible.

Both the planning and execution of penetration tests are conducted individually and in close consultation with the client. Our high-quality results reveal real risks and provide practical recommendations and solutions directly contributing to the improvement of IT security. RedTeam Pentesting’s professional and responsible approach ensures smooth operation, even with critical production systems.

Employees during their break outside
Employees during a meeting in the conference room
Employees during a meeting in the conference room
Employees in the office during work
Employees during a discussion in the kitchen


At RedTeam Pentesting, intensive collaboration among penetration testers is at the forefront. This collaboration enables us to develop creative approaches for penetration tests and achieve optimal results tailored to the needs of each client. Within the team, penetration testers complement each other with their expertise and individual skills. Together, we develop and implement innovative and tailored methodologies. In addition to direct communication within the team, the penetration testers regularly exchange ideas and knowledge. All of RedTeam Pentesting’s employees have extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge in various areas of IT security. Furthermore, they regularly share their expertise through publications in the field of IT security.


We are currently seeking additional penetration testers to strengthen our team. More information about our working methods and environment, as well as details on how to apply, can be found on our German jobs webpage.