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Types of Tests

RedTeam Pentesting offers penetration tests tailored to your individual requirements, worldwide. Our approach is characterised by a predominantly manual methodology, setting us apart from many other providers of penetration tests. This allows us to focus on the areas most relevant to you, evaluate the results in your specific context, and provide solution proposals tailored to your needs and capabilities. Our methodology enables us to not only uncover technical vulnerabilities but also identify security-related flaws in application logic and complex vulnerabilities requiring multi-step exploitation. By leveraging the latest technologies, our team continuously evolves to stay up to date with recent attacks. Over the years, we have built extensive expertise in various areas of IT security and developed strategies that enable us to effectively test even the most modern and innovative products.

Our company is fully specialised in pentests. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in this field, we are able to offer risk assessments and solution proposals that take your individual circumstances into account. In particular, it is never our goal to sell other products or services.

Every penetration test requires careful preparation (see preliminary meeting) and is unique - which means that penetration tests are difficult to categorise. Nonetheless, the penetration tests conducted by us can usually be divided into two main categories: product and network tests.

Product Tests

In product tests, as the name suggests, we focus on a single product. This includes, for example, software such as a website or an app, but also hardware such as an Internet of Things (IoT) device or network infrastructure components. With this specific focus, we can examine the product with a high level of detail and uncover vulnerabilities that may not be obvious at first glance.

Through our extensive experience (see company history), we have accumulated a broad spectrum of knowledge about products from various manufacturers. This wealth of experience enables us to assess the security of products throughout their entire lifecycle and identify issues which, when addressed, lead to sustained improvements in your security posture. A penetration test is often a crucial step in identifying and addressing security risks before market launch, for the benefit of end users as well as the manufacturer itself. Additionally, regular reviews are recommended when products undergo significant changes or expansions, or to evaluate protections against new attack methods.

Network Tests

In network tests, we investigate networks for security risks. These networks often consist of internal corporate networks hosting a variety of devices and providing services for internal use. In close consultation with our clients, we utilise various entry points to assess the security of such networks. A common request from our clients is concerned with the potential impact of compromising an internal workstation or server with malware and the necessary countermeasures. To evaluate this scenario, we simulate attack paths as seen in increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks.

Here, we often focus on the interactions between the various systems within a network. This approach allows us to identify connections between various individual vulnerabilities, each of which may pose only a minor risk on its own. When taken together, however, these connections often enable attackers to gain access to further targets, whose compromise might lead to a much higher risk.

Working with Sensitive Data

In penetration tests, we inevitably come into contact with a variety of sensitive data, and we consider the protection of this data as our utmost responsibility. Our protective measures for customer data go far beyond the legal requirements and encompass both digital and physical security measures. We would be happy to explain our technical and organisational security measures to you in detail in a personal conversation. Additionally, we are available worldwide to conduct debriefings in person or perform the entire test on-site if required. This makes us the perfect service provider for penetration tests with high security requirements.