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A Pentest's Benefits


Growing Security Needs

For almost all companies today, the security of their IT is imperative for their business success. With the increasing amount of IT systems in most businesses, it becomes more and more important to protect against threats like industrial espionage or attacks against the availability of critical IT systems. A system rendered unavailable by a malicious attack can create huge losses, if it causes a business interruption. Classical industrial espionage already shifted to electronic data communication, with intrusions into IT systems happening on a daily basis.

Revealing Security Flaws

Overall, we were very impressed with the high level of professionality and competence of RedTeam Pentesting. They demonstrated deep knowledge with respect to many different systems ranging from Windows to Unix-based systems, to low-level administration tools that are hardly known, to development problems in languages such as PHP which may lead to new exploits. The knowledge that we aquired during the penetration test with them helped us to improve our system administration and increase the security of our systems.
CSO, Telecommunications

In a penetration test, controlled attacks against the tested systems uncover security flaws in a realistic way, to help prevent real attacks from being successful. The types of tested systems range from simple online shops to complex company networks. The attack methods are also manifold and encompass everything from passive information gathering to targeted attacks from the Internet and the identification of weaknesses that can only be detected on-site.

Protecting Company Values, Earning Your Customers' Trust

A pentest therefore not only helps to protect your own company, but also your customers, who are the source of your business success. This creates trust in your company's work. Additionally, pentests play an important role in quality assurance, for example in the development of new IT products. To be able to advertise your own product's security can prove to be a significant competitive advantage.

Information about a pentest's technical workflow is available under the reconnaissance, enumeration, exploitation and documentation sections. If you have any questions that remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us.