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Authentication bypass in CitrusDB

RedTeam found an authentication bypass vulnerability in CitrusDB which can result in complete corruption of the installed CitrusDB application.


  • Product: CitrusDB
  • Affected Version: 0.3.6 (verified), probably <=0.3.6
  • Immune Version: none (2005-01-30)
  • OS affected: all
  • Security-Risk: very high
  • Remote-Exploit: yes
  • Vendor-URL:
  • Vendor-Status: informed
  • Advisory-URL:
  • Advisory-Status: public
  • CVE: CAN-2005-0408 (


Description from vendor:

“CitrusDB is an open source customer database application that uses PHP and a database backend (currently MySQL) to keep track of customer information, services, products, billing, and customer service information.”

CitrusDB uses the same personal cookie for every user at each time for identification.

More Details

CitrusDB uses a cookie user_name to determine the name of the user and a cookie id_hash to check if the user_name is valid. The id_hash is a md5 checksum of the username with the string “boogaadeeboo” appended. Example: user_name: admin id_hash: md5sum(“adminboogaadeeboo”) = 4b3b2c8666298ae9771e9b3d38c3f26e An attacker only needs to guess a correct username, “admin” normally will work since it is the default administrator name in CitrusDB.

Proof of Concept

curl -D - --cookie "id_hash=4b3b2c8666298ae9771e9b3d38c3f26e;
user_name=admin" http://<targethost>/citrusdb/tools/index.php


Change $hidden_hash_var in /citrusdb/include/ to a value different than “boogaadeeboo”. This way the an attacker needs to acquire a correct cookie to get access.


citusdb should determine a value for $hidden_hash_var at install time ensuring that this value is different.

Security Risk

The security risk is very high because an attacker may gain full control of CitrusDB.


  • 2005-02-04 Email sent to author
  • 2005-02-12 CVE number requested
  • 2005-02-14 posted as CAN-2005-0408
  • 2009-05-08 Updated Advisory URL


RedTeam is penetration testing group working at the Laboratory for Dependable Distributed Systems at RWTH-Aachen University. You can find more information on the RedTeam Project at